Norwegian children have never had to mask up at school during the pandemic.

World of Data Daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people

While the U.S. CDC…

Across Europe, countries are fine-tuning school policies to minimize educational and social disruption while still keeping children safe.

In the U.S., CDC claims they do “not have enough evidence” to recommend the strategy

Despite some of Europe’s strictest coronavirus measures — including two draconian lockdowns and a lengthy curfew — France doesn’t allow nursery school children to mask.

Official French government guidance

Sweden’s decision to keep primary schools open may be the reason behind the reassuring data.

Researchers from Linnaeus University and Karolinska Institutet…

It’s time for one-size-fits-all pandemic management to end.

“Now we can live almost as we did before the pandemic hit us. I do not think everything will be as before. I think the…

It’s time for states with high vaccination rates to get back to normal.

More than 80% of people above the age of 12 in the Scandinavian country have had the two shots, leading the Danish…

Anthony LaMesa

Some thoughts on reopening America’s public schools.

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